What is a Code of Ethics and why adopt it

The Code of Ethics is a set of behavioral rules that member companies, on a voluntary basis, agree to abide by. 

The primary objective of this document is to spread the values with which companies identify. 

Even though it is not required by law, drafting this document is necessary to reiterate that, in no way, can adhering members act for their own benefit to justify behavior that conflicts with the shared rules.

Adopting one’s own code of conduct is an excellent strategy for identifying accountability within a company and being perceived positively by the outside world. 

For this reason, many large companies have decided to make their code public to enhance their reputation and increase user trust. 

The Code of Ethics of Consorzio Detox

Today, environmental protection declined in every aspect is one of the primary requirements of the fashion industry.

In pursuit of a common goal, CID member companies have identified a series of behaviors to implement sustainability and respect for human rights, in a logic of collaboration,. 

This gave rise to the need to adopt their own Code of Ethics that could reinforce the founding principles of the Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox.

Starting from this premise, in December 2022 the new Code of Ethics of Consortium Detox valid for 2023 was approved, addressed to every CID member company.

The guidelines of the document 

The CID is committed to spreading the rights and duties contained in the document that each company identifies with and commits to abide by. 

Every member of the Consortium believes in ethics based on loyalty and fairness in professional and business relations. For this reason, to spread a more responsible and mature industrial system, it is necessary to act with integrity by signing a code that defines the standards of conduct of member companies. 

The document’s guidelines define the ethical and social principles of organizations, which strive to achieve significant and lasting results in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection.

Read the full 2023 Code