The Greenpeace Detox Campaign

The Greenpeace Detox campaign was conceived several years ago to push the big brand of Fashion to work in synergy with their suppliers to ensure an eco-friendly production chain. The goal was to remove all the chemical substances polluting and toxic for humans. It all started with a research carried out in China, where the main international Brands have many of their suppliers.

Greenpeace has found that the supplier industries of the big apparel brands leach dangerous discharges in the mayor rivers of the country, to pose a threat to the environment and human health.

Some chemical compounds change the hormonal and/or reproductive system of humans. Many substances are persistent in the environment and accumulate in living beings, up to the man.

The fact is that those chemicals, led in a certain region of the world, can be carried away from their origin source thank to oceanic and atmospheric currents. This makes the problem a global matter.

Be part of the solution

While acknowledging the complexity of the textile industry supply chain, Greenpeace is calling on the Brands:

Implement a chemical policy which ban toxic compounds and identify a realistic deadline to eliminate them. React promptly to this emergency with actions, giving priority to the elimination of particularly dangerous substances. Recognize the importance of transparency and the right to information by publishing the data on the elimination of hazardous substances.

To simplify the task of Fashion Brands around the world, a group of manufacturing companies, who met in the Italian Detox Consortium, has decided to sign unreservedly in all its parts the Detox Commitment.

There are no more excuses: anyone who wants to produce eco-friendly, can do it: just relying on our high quality Made in Italy, which guarantees a complete eco-friendly production chain.


For more information on the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, please visit the Greenpeace website.