Sign the Detox Commitment and remain faithful to the task requires passion, time and care for any company. Handle this demanding course along with other businesses, working for the same goal, it’s better. Whether the group’s activities are guided by a competent structure, then everything is definitely easier.

The Italian Detox Consortium born from the need of some entrepreneurs to understand how to convert the production system to eco-sustainability, while remaining faithful to the transparency principle imposed by Greenpeace. Initially led by North Tuscany Confindustria, the industries created the Consortium to better manage their common path towards a sustainable fashion.

Our activities aimed at the practical support of all the member companies, here is a sample of what we do:

Surveys and research

The Consortium, thanks to its Technical Committee made of Professors and Greenpeace members, carries out surveys and research on possible harmful substances to people and polluting for the environment currently present in different stages of manufacturing production in order to find effective, simple and low cost solutions.

Constant Support

It is provided a constant and prepared support in all those preliminary activities on signing the Detox Commitment, starting from the check of the analysis in laboratory. Moreover, it will be provided support in prevent potential contamination, in order to avoid unintended pollution.


Training and refresher course

Are regularly carried out training and refresher courses on the business management of the Detox Commitment. It is discussed the best organizational model in the company; the phases of Detox implementation; the approach to the requests of major brands. It is defined the role of Detox Manager and provided guidelines for dealing with the supplier. A real action plan is drawn.

National and International Promotion

The Consortium promotes at national and International level an eco-sustainable Made in Italy. A certainty for all the brands of fashion who want to stay in line with Greenpeace principles. The brands do not need to change their suppliers production line, can rely with confidence on our entire green production chain. One of our aim is to uphold the media attention on the work of our member companies and on the value of the project.


Teamwork ensures the achievement of the set goals in a short time.
To believe in a common project maintains the passion and pushes to not fall in front of the first difficulty.