The work of textile companies for sustainability

Since 2016, Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox includes Italian textile manufacturing companies committed to sustainability issues. Before 2020, the goal was the elimination of dangerous substances from their production cycles, according to the principles of the Greenpeace Detox campaign.

In 2020 Cid started the collaboration with Zdhc, the foundation committed to the training of companies and the preparation of operational tools for the management of chemical management. Again, the goal is a toxic-free textile industry.

CID’s commitment to reducing water pollution

With the start of the Detox campaign in 2011, those who work in the textile industry found themselves responding to a particular question. What are the impacts of their production on global water pollution?

This question has generated a break from the past, that it has forced to a new way to dialogue with the own chain of supply. After the start of the project with Greenpeace, CID companies‘ commitment has been strengthened to achieve the ambitious goal of the textile industry free from toxic substances.

una fase di lavorazione con acqua recuperata dal sistema di riciclaggio delle acque reflue

Cid and Zdhc together for the sustainability of international fashion

2020 was the year of the Detox campaign evaluation. The companies of CID have taken stock of the objectives achieved and the steps to be taken. The new collaboration with Zdhc arrives at that moment. This subject is the international point of reference for the big international fashion brands.

The main aspects of the collaboration between Cid and Zdhc concern recycled wool and the contribution of this production to the development of the circular economy. The objectives remain to convince as many stakeholders to follow this model to stay on the market.

Take a look to the collaboration between CID and ZDHC in this video.

Regenerated wool and circular economy in the future of textiles

The work started with Zdhc on recycled wool is a great innovation and a fundamental contribution to the circular economy. To improve the system, there is a need for several aspects:

  • regulation facilitating the recycling and re-use process;
  • a new approach to the study, design, and use of garments;
  • a system that empowers consumers;
  • instruments for dialogue along the production chain

Cid invests in the training of new designers towards sustainability

Consorzio Detox wants to demonstrate fashion that respects the environment is not a utopia but a real project. Today more than ever, given the different sensitivity of people in the purchase of clothing.

The concepts of ecodesign, regenerated fabric, and recycled materials become the main content for the training of new creatives. For years, Cid has been investing in projects such as “The time is now!”, developed together with IED (European Institute of Design) and Greenpeace, which allowed us to confront future designers who will go to work in companies in the sector.