Counseling to textile companies for sustainability and innovation

Since 2016, Consorzio Detox supports its member companies in their sustainability commitments. The activity has developed through tools and services tailored to every need. To meet the growing demand for sustainability and innovation of textiles, CID has activated the agreement with Techinn Srl: a subject specialized in supporting sustainable innovation.

With this new collaboration, Consorzio Detox provides its member companies the opportunity to take advantage of new services, for the sustainable growth of their activities.

Detox and Techinn together for the sustainable development of textile companies

CID has activated the partnership with Techinn to provide the correct assistance to textile companies. The goal is to facilitate tools that support sustainable innovation. After a first presentation event, an information desk with advice from Techinn professionals has been open since March 2021.

The aim is to ensure support in the search for facilitation tools tailored to each company. In this way, companies have a greater chance of growing, entering new markets, and adopting more sustainable production processes.

Bespoke counseling for CID companies

Consorzio Detox’s mission is to undertake a path towards the elimination of many toxic substances from textile production, converting the system towards eco-sustainability. Techinn will constantly monitor the facilitating tools in sustainability and technological innovation for the fashion and textile industry.

The collaboration between the two realities becomes central. The goal is to identify new forms of development for textiles. Each CID member company may request a first free and personalized consultation for the use of facilitating tools.

How to discover the incentives to support textiles

Thanks to the support of Techinn, Detox companies will be able to discover the incentives for the textile sector, in an easy and fast way. Both those that already exist and those that will arrive.

How? Through the support to companies that invest in fashion products, circular economy, innovative fabrics, and process innovation. But also incentives for research, development, and technological innovation.
Techinn and Cid will work together to offer a unique service.

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