Coronavirus is the biggest crisis and the biggest challenge we have been facing since World War II. An emergency not only for the health aspect but also for social and economic ones. Faced with such a situation, the answer must be global. As never before, therefore, we are called to focus on a sustainable development future in every sector, including fashion and textiles.

A new model of sustainable development

This emergency can also be interpreted as an opportunity to shape new forms of sustainability. On the one hand, there is the concrete response to climate change with actions that reduce the environmental impact and therefore also the risk of other pandemics.

On the other hand, there is the implementation of economic support measures that take into account the need for a new sustainable economy to reduce inequalities between people living in different parts of the world.

Fashion, focus on sustainability and creativity

For some years, fashion has chosen a more sustainable approach, experimenting with natural fabrics and production processes with a reduced environmental impact. A choice that, with the restart after the lock-down imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, will be even more important to carry on.

To underline this, in a recent interview, also the director of Vogue Anna Wintour explained how in the future of fashion there will be a little bit fashion shows, less luxury and waste, and more attention to sustainability and creativity.

Green fashion and new perspectives

The change of direction in the fashion system existed before Covid-19, but the pandemic helped to impose a new perspective. In the future, therefore, the protagonists will be the circular economy, ecodesign and waste reduction.

A goal that is mainly aimed at emerging designers and design schools, through an ecological fashion made of creative recycling, upcycling of alternative materials and natural fabrics dyed without dangerous substances. A project that Consorzio Detox carries out together with its member companies and the project The Time is Now with IED and Greenpeace Italy.